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Choral Union will be traveling to San Jose, California, March 13-16, 2019, to perform at the California Choral Directors Association conference.


Choral Union Parents:  Here is information for the trip. Please look through everything with your student as soon as possible.



The itinerary is here. For any parents who will be in San Jose to see the concert, please note that other than the concert itself, the conference is closed to non-members.



There are five chaperones accompanying the students on the trip. Each chaperone will have a group of students assigned to them for the trip. A list of room assignments and chaperone/student groups has been emailed to all Choral Union students and parents.


Packing list

The packing list is here. Please note that the students have a cruise which is dressy, and should plan on wearing business or smart casual clothing for the conference venue. Also, the students should be prepared for the colder weather in San Francisco and on the dinner cruise.



All meals are included except for the bus ride on the first morning. We recommend each student pack a light lunch for themselves, but we will be stopping somewhere they can purchase food. The chaperones will provide a light snack and water for the bus trip to San Jose.


Students with allergies and dietary requirements have been accommodated for all meals. We also have provisions in place should anyone require medical attention. For the allergy students, you are welcome to bring some additional snacks if you wish.



Prescription medicines - Please put all prescription medicines in a large sealed plastic bag with the student's name and specific instructions for dispensing. Mr Hayden and Mr McCormick will be handing out these medicines and tracking them. They will be kept in a red backpack near us at all times. If any medications have changed since January, please contact Brittany Parker immediately.


Self-administering medication

Students are allowed to carry and self-administer medicines such as asthma inhalers if they have a doctor signed form for the school on file. When necessary, a chaperone can carry the medicine for the student at times when they are in concert dress. It is the student's responsibility to give their chaperone their medication and to get it back when they are able to do so.


Over the counter (OTC) drugs

A student will not be given over the counter medicines without a parent's express consent. If you want your child to be allowed certain OTC medicines, please print the form here and fill it out. Please bring to class by Tuesday March 12. A chaperone will contact parents if an OTC medicine is requested. To that end, please have your telephones on and in close proximity for the duration of this trip.


We certainly hope this will be an enjoyable and educational experience for your student. If you have any further questions, please direct them to Brittany Parker at brittviv90@gmail.



Please click on the links below to see the trip enrollment forms, instructions, and payment information. 


LEAD USA - Enrollment Booklet


LEAD USA - Enrollment Form


LEAD USA - Credit Card Authorization Form


LEAD USA - Registration Instructions


Please read the enrollment booklet and print, fill out, and sign the enrollment form and send it, along with trip deposit, to LEAD USA.



$850 per student (quad room pricing)

$920 per chaperone (triple room pricing)

$1,105 per chaperone (double room pricing)


Trip cost includes bus transportation, hotel, all meals except Wednesday lunch (students will need to bring either money or a bagged lunch for that day, as the bus will stop at a restaurant en route to San Jose), and all trip activities. 



A deposit of $150 per person is payable via check mailed to LEAD USA or credit card (see credit card authorization form).


Other Payments:

The remaining balance is due in 4 payments to LEAD USA (see enrollment form for additional payment details), or you may choose to pay in full at any time.


ALL ABOVE FORMS AND PAYMENTS ARE TO BE SENT DIRECTLY TO LEAD USA. DO NOT SEND TO SCHOOL. Mail to:  LEAD USA, Inc., 16870 W. Bernardo Drive, Suite 400, San Diego, 92127.




All Students:

The following forms are all now due to the Choral Union class president:

Field Trip Permission Form

Student Field Trip Code of Conduct


Student Traveling By Car With Their Parent:

Any student traveling separately from the group in a private vehicle driven by their parent/guardian must, in addition to the Field Trip Permission Form and Student Field Trip Code of Conduct, also turn in the following form:

Assumption of Risk Waiver - Private Vehicle

Student Traveling By Commercial Airline:

Any student traveling separately from the group with or without parent/guardian by commercial airline must, in addition to the Field Trip Permission Form and Student Field Trip Code of Conduct, also turn in the following form:

Assumption of Risk Waiver - Commercial Airline


If you are a chaperone for this trip, please contact Erin DeBaets, Costa choirs travel coordinator, to confirm the completion of your background check and district approval.


Also, please complete and turn in the following forms to the choir room drop box:

Chaperone Guidelines MBUSD

Chaperone Volunteer Hold Harmless Form

Statement of Insurance on Private Vehicles (required only if driving separately)

Volunteer Driver Agreement (required only if driving separately)


Parents can go to the CCDA concert. There’s no charge to attend. You will need to arrange your own transportation and lodging, and it’s recommended that you do that ASAP, as hotels in downtown San Jose are likely to sell out.

Concert venue (Thurs., Mar. 14, 7 pm):

Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph

80 S Market St.

San Jose, CA 95113


Any questions, please contact Michael Hayden


Thank you!

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