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EVENT:  Disneyland's Music in the Parks Festival

DATE:  ______________

CHOIRS:  Costa Chorale and Mustang Chorale


This event takes place in 2 locations over the course of the day:

1st Location:  choir adjudicated festival performances (in the morning) @ Placentia Presbyterian Church, 845 Bradford Ave., Placentia, CA

2nd Location:  free time at Disneyland Park and awards ceremony (also in the park) following the adjudicated performances, 1313 Disneyland Dr., Anaheim, CA

Festival Portion:

____ am - students, chaperones, and participating parents to arrive in the choir room, bus to arrive in upper Peck parking lot

____ am - bus to depart from school for Placentia Presbyterian Church

____ am - festival start

____ am - Costa Chorale warm up

____ am - Costa Chorale performance

____ am - Mustang Chorale warm up

____ am - Mustang Chorale performance

____ am - Parents need to be at the church at this time to pick up their student if the student will not be going to Disneyland

Disneyland Portion:

____ am (approx.) - bus to depart from church to Disneyland/California Adventure

____ pm (approx.) - begin afternoon/evening of free time in the park

____ pm  - awards ceremony

____ pm (approx.) - remainder of evening is free time in the park

____ pm - bus to depart from Disneyland back to Mira  Costa

____ pm - estimated arrival time back at school

- Parents are invited to attend.

- Singers should eat breakfast and be dressed in their concert attire before coming to school. They should bring with them a change of clothes.

- Following their performances at Placentia Presbyterian Church, the singers will change into their regular clothes and get back on the bus, which will then depart for Disneyland.

- At the park, the singers will share lockers where they will put their concert attire, etc., and they will be in the park the rest of the day and evening.

- An awards ceremony will take place in Disneyland's Fantasyland Theatre at _______ pm.

- After the ceremony, everyone will go back into the park for the remainder of the evening and then meet at 10:00 pm for the bus ride back to campus.

- Expected arrival time back at Mira Costa is approximately 11:00 pm.

- Parent liaisons will provide water and snacks for the morning bus ride.

Attendees need to complete permission slips, return ticket order forms, and pay festival registration fees before the trip. Deadline for forms and payments:  ____________


Student cost is:

$______ (includes festival performance fee and 1-day Disneyland/California Adventure park hopper ticket)

- or -

$______ (includes festival performance fee and 1-day Disneyland only ticket)

- or - 

$______ (includes festival performance fee only) for students with their own Disneyland passes or tickets

-In addition, students will need to bring money for their locker, lunch, dinner, and any souvenirs they might want to purchase.  


- Parents are invited to attend the festival performances at Placentia Presbyterian Church at no charge. Interested parents who would like to attend only the performances at the church should arrange their own transportation and plan to be at the church by 10:00 am.

- Parents who'd like to go to the church performances AND Disneyland/California Adventure are welcome to come along and ride on the bus with the students, or they can arrange their own transportation separately. Discounted 1-day park tickets are available to parents.

Parent cost is:

$______ Disneyland/California Adventure 1-day park hopper ticket

- or -

$______ Disneyland only 1-day ticket

- or -

$0 parents with their own Disneyland passes or tickets

Deadline for forms and payments:  _______________

FORMS: (must be completed before the trip)

All Participants:

- Order Form (Please turn in the order form with your payment.)


CHECKS should be made payable to "MBX Foundation" with the participant’s name and “Disneyland Choir” written on the memo line. Please turn in the above order form with your payment.

IF PAYING BY CREDIT CARD, please click HERE to make your online payment (additional online processing fees apply). Please turn in the above order form with your online payment receipt.

Parents' theme park tickets will be handed out by Mr. Hayden at Placentia Presbyterian Church the morning of the festival. Please see Mr. Hayden at the church to receive your ticket.

Student and chaperone tickets will be handed out by Mr. Hayden at Disneyland upon arrival at the park.

Permission Slips

Links to new permission slips coming soon.

Deadline for forms and payments:  ________________

Any questions, please contact Michael Hayden

Thank you!

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