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to make your credit card pledge donation online now.

You will be directed to a Pledge It donation website for Mira Costa Choirs. 

The online pledge site doesn't work on cell phones. To access, please click on this link via your laptop, desktop, or tablet.


Please note:  The Pledge It site asks for a tip amount when accepting donations. If you'd like to donate by credit card but don't wish to provide a tip (or would like to tip a different amount), please follow these steps:


Before entering your credit card info, when the tip suggestion box appears, click on "Custom" in the drop-down menu, delete the suggested amount that pops up in the box, and enter whatever tip you'd like ($0 or greater). Then enter your credit card info and complete your payment. Please note:  You won't be able to see the total corrected payment amount until after you save your credit card info. You will be able to see your total charge (including the tip amount you entered) before being asked to confirm your donation.


If you don't follow these steps, you will be charged the suggested tip amount.

Click here for cash or check donation.

Click here to go back to main page.

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