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MBUSD Music Program Cuts - Student Letter

The message below was written by a student and is directed specifically to students. Please share with your student if they are interested in writing letters to the MBUSD School Board regarding recent cuts to the district music program. And please be on the lookout for a separate message which will be distributed soon for parents.


Please note: Students should identify themselves in their letters as MUSIC students. They definitely can share their experiences in choir, band, or orchestra, but we really want to represent ourselves as a single unified voice for the entire MBUSD music program.

Student message:

Here are some notes I took on the student meeting this morning with Dr. John Benham regarding how to write letters to the school board about the cuts they've made to the MBUSD music program. Please take the time to write a letter and help try to save our music program!

1) Talk about what the music program has meant to you and how important it has been to you.

2) Talk about the importance of small classes/ensembles.

3) Talk about your disappointment if the music program is cut and how it will affect everyone. Focus especially on what skills you learn in music classes that transfer to other classes and what intellectual and academic habits you form as a result of being in music.

3) Don't attack anyone.

4) Get younger siblings to write letters, even if they're not in the music program yet, to let them know how much they want to take music (choir, band, orchestra) when they get to middle school or high school and how disappointed they'll be if they can't.

5) Watch the school board meeting livestream on April 15th, and get your parents to watch it, too. (This link isn't available yet. Please check back at and click on "Board" to see instructions on how to view the link when it's available. The link to the April 15th board meeting also will be distributed to everyone as soon as it's available.)

6) Letters need to be submitted by April 14.

7) Don't make phone calls to any board members.

8) Limit comments to 400 words or less! Your letter doesn't have to to be that long, and sometimes fewer words can be more effective. You can make it shorter or longer, whatever works best for you, but no more than 400 words!!

9) Be creative--talk about how excited you were to go on the different music department trips (for example, the choir trip to Italy or the band trip to Washington, D.C.) and how disappointing it will be if those can never happen again, or talk about the new band video or Mr. Hayden's choir podcast about the Italy trip, etc. (would be a good idea to send links to the band video and the choir podcast about the Italy trip).

Band video:

Choir podcast (Mr. Hayden's interview starts at 13:30):

10) Submit