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Choir Announcement 

Please Submit Comment to MBUSD School Board by 4pm Tomorrow!

Dear MBUSD Music Family and Friends,

To the many students, parents, alumni, and community members who have submitted public comments in advance of tomorrow's (Wednesday) school board meeting - thank you so much! We are grateful you shared your stories and raised your voice in support of music in our district.

If you would like to submit a comment but haven't done it yet, it's not too late! You you can do so until 4:00 pm tomorrow, Wednesday, April 15th. Here is the link you will need to submit a comment:

You'll be asked to "Select an Item #" to address to the Board of Trustees for a specific item on the agenda. Please choose: F.1 (Board Subcommittee re. Music Programs)

Please be sure your comments are 400 words or less (as per school board guidelines).

Just a reminder: Please do not include any negative comments levied toward any individual board members, administrators, teachers or other programs. If you'd like some tips on structuring a public comment, please click here.

If you'd like to see the summary of national education expert, Dr. John Benham's report and next steps, please click here.

If you are able, please consider watching the board meeting. Here are the details:

Meeting date and time:

5 pm tomorrow (Wed., April 15th)

The meeting can be viewed via Livestream through this link:

Under "Board" - "Board Meetings" - "View Board Meeting Live"

We have provided Dr. Benham's report to the Administration and the Board. We have requested that:

1) Recent cuts to the music program be rescinded, or at least put on hold, until a Committee to Study the Music Program has been formed and is given the opportunity to study these cuts and provide feedback. To do otherwise would undermine the Committee from the start;

- and -

2) Some modifications be made to the structure of the proposed Committee to Study the Music Program. If you are interested in reading the specifics of that request, please click here for that content.

If you need additional info, please go to or

Thank you for your continued support of music in MBUSD!

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